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My mother says that fanfiction doesn’t count as reading because “it isn’t nearly as good as the stuff that’s published. You’re not going to find something online that will win a Booker Prize.”
Please reblog if you count fan fiction as reading, or if the fanfiction you’ve read is equally as good as published novels. I want to see the figures.

*crushes mouse while hitting reblog button*

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Still cannot get over how good the Maze Runner…. Some of my favorite parts were left out, but seriously it was amazing. Dylan was phenomenal!!!

I love you, you beautiful and perfect person. God bless u.sourwolflahey

☺️! Seriously this made my day! Love you!!

Dylan was seriously AMAZING in maze runner!!!!

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Can I just say that I’m honestly still pissed at the lack of mentioning/remembering/grieving for Allison this season? I can’t watch old episodes without my heart hurting seeing Allison and it’s so infuriating that the writers couldn’t take 10 minutes and do a memorial/visiting her grave/planting a fucking tree or something in her honor to show the characters grieving. No that screen time was used for much more VALUABLE things like talking about Malias favorite foods and or the fact that she apparently moved into Stiles’ house( but really please go back to the woods). Yeah that information was SO much more important. But yay now we get a whole season dedicated to maila’s character development… Although this was supposed to be “Lydia’s” season and she was always alone, so maybe the pattern will continue. We can only hope.

Dear Jeff Davis.


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Just a little thought: do you think we will really get to see stydia canon at all? Because they keep comparing it to Ross/Rachel and I just really don’t want them to end up together at the very end (I mean I’ll take what I can get)… But fanfiction only does so much and I just want to see Stiles act like a boyfriend to lydia (because boyfriend stiles is about the sexiest thing ever, but it’s ruined by malia). I’m also irritated because while I would like marrish if my heart didn’t belong to stydia… And the finale seemed like it was setting up marrish and it’s like for the love of god can you at least just let stydia happen? Okay end rant.


My slogan.

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I have tweeted a gif of Stiles and Lydia and one girl has answered me saying that she prefers Stiles with Malia, but not in a bad way, and I was like… how can I explain my strong hate about Malia without offending her. 

So finally, I decided to reply with “I don’t like her… she’s a bit rude haha” but in my mind I had this gif.


This picture is literally the best thing ever

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